Filmed from the short film 'Night Surf' (2013) and Musical Spectacular '14:18' (2014)

'You've Captured My Heart' with music & lyrics by Rob Eyles

A song from the musical A PEBBLE FOR AARON (music by Rob Eyles/lyrics by Robert Gould), performed by Rob Eyles at NEW WORDS SHARED WITH FRIENDS at the Battersea Barge, May 10, 2015
A song from concert I WASN'T THINKING AT ALL, at The Pheasantry, 2015. (Music by Rob Eyles/lyrics by Robert Gould)

This is a clip taken from the rehearsal of 'When' from the English translated version of the musical '14:18: A Spectcaular Musical. Sung by Rob Eyles & Kayleigh McKnight (Nekerhal, Mechelen 2014)

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