14-18: A Spectacular Musical17/06/14


In the summer of 2014 Rob went out to Belgium to perform an English language version of the Spectacular Musical ‘14-18’

“The Great War breaks out.

Among the mobilised Belgian troops are the loyal band of friends consisting of Jan, his younger brother Kamiel, his best friend Fons and macho avant la lettre Albert.

At the outset, everyone is convinced that the hostilities will be short-lived, but the conflict not only drags on much longer, it is also more barbaric than could ever be imagined.
The horror worsens.
The war claims more and more victims.

Jan, who is now a father, needs to see his son and wife Anna.
Albert longs for his sweethearts while Kamiel – quaking with fear at any form of violence – tries desperately to escape the situation, Fons is smitten with Celine, a pretty nurse.

What follows is a heroic battle for survival.
It is the ultimate struggle against the insane violence and the war machine, with humour, hope and – above all – love and unconditional friendship as its weapons of choice.”

14-18: A Spectacular Musical Video

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